Banded Peak Mount Crushmore 30L Keg


Banded Peak Brewing offers Mount Crushmore 30L Keg which welcomes to the beer version of spring skiing. Mount Crushmore is audacious like wearing a vintage one-piece snowsuit with fluorescent racing stripes, effervescent like champagne powder and eminently crushable like hard-charging fresh tracks at the local hill on a sun drenched weekday morning. Fermented cold and conditioned for guaranteed crispiness. You have arrived at the pinnacle of pilsner.

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Category: Type: DOMESTIC Brand: BANDED PEAK BREWING SKU: 841946
Country: CANADA Product Volume: 30 L Product Count: 1 X 58.6 L Tags: , , ,
Product count

1 x 58.6 L

Product volume

30 L


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