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Made from the best Mother Earth has to offer sustainably grown grapes from the Cote-dOr and water from historical French springs. The Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are hand-selected for this unique bottling of vintage gin. The wine is fermented and aged individually in oak barrel for 6 months. After blending the wines together, it is then distilled one time in a copper pot and six times in copper columns, followed by filtration four times.

JCB Gin is infused in a two-step process Eleven plants and botanicals, including juniper, a touch of roses, and coriander among others are steeped into the spirits, while seperately, a distillation of an additional thirty-three biodynimic herbs, plants and botanicals including chamomile,honeysuckle, dandelion, calendula, borage, valerian, stinging nettle, lemon balm and yarrow is crafted. The Biodynamic herbs in our gin are known to be the best for the human body, and the most incredible contributor to health. These plants have been added to make this the ultimate concoction and most fashionable creation yet! JCB Gin has a certain savoir-faire… enjoy it pure or as part of your favorite cocktail. Our gin will leave you knowing that everything is possible, and allow you to be loyal to your own desires.

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